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I needed more than 6 years of experience to finish my forex expert advisor. I have  read a lot of books about Forex and tested different systems on many accounts. Demo and real. And i came to several  conclussions. Markets are unpredictable. Around 90% of markets are sideways. If you want to have huge profits you must risk. Without risk you cannot earn big money. But you must have a good money management system too. For me, Forex is something similar like going to the casino. Once i knew this, i decided to create an EA with my system. My Forex Trading system is automatic. This way, i don't need to be 24 hours/day in front of the computer. The great fact about Forex is that you can ear a lot of money, and you don't need to start with too much. Thanks to leverage. Now i will show you an example of an account, managed with my expert advisor. 

Click here to see the Report of an account managed with my system during 2 month.

Initial deposit: 5,000 USD
Trade started on February 1st
Trade finished on March 29th (only 2 months of Trading)

Profitability: 38.819.32 USD (776%)

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You have two choices. To buy or to rent my EA.

Choice 1: Buy my expert advisor
The price of my expert advisor is 149 USD.

Choice 2: Rent my expert advisor
If you prefer to rent my EA instead of buying there's no problem. I will place the EA in your account for free. And only if there's profit you will pay me a small fee of the profits. If my EA does not generate profits, you will not pay. It's so easy. This is a good choice for those people who can not stand the psychological stress of trading.

So if you are interested in my EA or you have some doubts, contact me. I will be glad to answer all your questions. I'm sure you will be 100% satisfied with my Professional Forex Trading System.