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Every winner needs to master three essential components of trading, a sound individual psychology, a logical trading system and good money management. These essentials are like three legs of a stool. Remove one and the stool will fall, together with the person who sits on it. Losers try to build a stool with only one leg, or two at the most. They usually focus exclusively on trading systems. Your trades must be based on clearly defined rules. You have to analyze your feelings as you trade, to make sure that your decisions are intellectually sound. You have to structure your money management so that no string of losses can kick you out of the game. - ALEXANDER ELDER

To be a consistent winner in Trading  is not an easy task. Read the words on the top of the page from Alexander Elder. They are plenty of wisdom. You must master the three M. Money management, Mind and Method. If you fail in any of the three M you will fail as a Trader. As i said it's not an easy task. That's why 95% of people who trade on Forex lose money in a consistent way.

My name is Paul Garcia and I'm a Professional Forex Trader. I've been working as a Trader of the Forex Market for more than 6 years. I have managed several forex accounts of different sizes, small, medium, big. I worked for institutions and for private investors. I read almost all books you can find about Forex. During all this time i developed my system. My system is automatic. The robot opens and close the orders. If you want to Trade the Forex market with my professional system you have two choices. To buy it or to rent it. This is a robust system for serious traders. So if you want to learn more about my system go to "My Professional Trading System" section. You can always contact me if you want me to solve some doubts.

There are two ways of trading in Forex. Manually or with an expert advisor. An Expert Advisor is a mechanical trading system (MTS) linked up to a certain chart that runs on Metatrader Trading Platform. This system has the advantage that has no mind. Besides an expert advisor can watch the market 24 hours a day. For a human this is impossible. That's why most part of the big trading companies,banks,etc use expert advisors.