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Hello, my name is Paul Garcia and I am a Professional Forex Trader from Barcelona. My career started on 1999 trading stocks and commodities. Today, I trade only the Forex Market. I've been trading forex since 2005. I traded dozens of accounts from 1k to 50k.

I developed a good and profitable system during all these years and i created an expert advisor called Forex Trader One.

This is a system with strict rules used by Top Traders around the world.


Main features of Forex Trader One expert advisor

1 - The EA always use a Stop Loss.

2 - Money Management rules: You can define the % of risk you want, 1%, 2%, 3%, etc..

3 - Cut the losses short and let the profits run

4 - No martingale

5 - 80% Automatic and 20% Manual


Sample of an account traded with my EA


Main Questions about Forex Trader One

1-What is Forex Trader One? It's an Expert Advisor to trade the Forex Market developed by Professional Top Traders.

2-Why is so expensive compared to other EA's? Because I don't want it to be popular. When a system is used by a lot of people becomes useless.

3-Paying so much money... are the profits guaranteed? Yes, if you follow the rules. You will earn money on the long run although some months you can have losses. I'm so sure about it that if you have losses after 6 months of Trading, I will refund your money.

4-Is it difficult to use? No. You just need to program some parameters while markets are closed.You can do it on the weekend. Everything is explained on the manual. But if you have questions you will be able to contact me and i will solve your doubts. You don't have to do anything while the EA is running during the week. The EA opens and closes trades automatically.


I'm so sure about my system that after 6 months of trading if you have losses, i will refund your money!


Forget all those Fap Turbo "get rich fast expert advisors". They only can offer good marketing. If you are serious about trading you need something used by Professional Traders.


If you are interested in my EA

You have 2 choices

1-Buy my EA. (One expert advisor + trend indicator + manual)

The price is 2,490 USD


2-Rent my EA. You will pay a Fee of 20% of the profits every month. You don't pay if there are no profits.



You can try my EA for Free during one month. You just need to pay 49 USD. After one month of trading if you have losses, i will give your 49 USD back!

Contact me for further details