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Hello, my name is Paul Garcia and I am a Professional Forex Trader from Barcelona. My career started on 1999 trading stocks and commodities. Today, I trade only the Forex Market. I've been trading forex since 2005. I traded dozens of accounts from 1k to 50k.

I developed a good and profitable system during all these years and i created an expert advisor to help me with my trading.

I trade with strict rules used by Top Traders around the world.


Main features about my Trading style

1 - I always use Stop Loss.

2 - Rigid risk control. The % of risk is defined before the trade is opened. It can be set to 1%, 2%, 3%, etc..

3 - Cut the losses short and let the profits run

4 - No martingale

5 - My system is 80% Automatic and 20% Manual


Here you can see a sample account traded by me



Contact me if you want to hire my services as Forex Trader. We will discuss all the details.

"Life is game. Live to play, play to win."